Hello and welcome to #livingthejoneslife! We plan to share some of our daily adventures and anecdotes here. We hope you enjoy keeping up with the Joneses!

A little about us:

The members of our family, at least everyone living in our household, are:

Chuck (Dad/Funeral Director) Dad keeps us entertained with his silly sense of humor!

Erin (Stay-at-home Mom) Back in February, Mom started a journey on the KETO diet. This has been life-changing for her, so we have devoted a whole section of our blog to just that. Look for updates on that, and recipes under the Keto Life tab at the top.

Peyton (10) Peyton is the oldest of our daughters who is still living at home. She’s entering the 5th grade this year. Peyton is so smart! She keeps up busy attending all her many awards ceremonies at school. She’s into Minecraft, Roblox and watching way too much YouTube. Peyton is our little “Mama Hen,” always looking out for her younger sister.

Aidan (7). Aidan is the baby of our family! She is so silly and sweet. She inherited her Dad’s sense of humor and sarcasm, for sure. Aidan is headed to 2nd grade this year and is into a lot of the same games as Peyton, and YouTube of course. She is also a HUGE fan of JoJo Siwa and has quite a collection of her bows, dolls and even blankets and pillows.

We also have 3 grown daughters who are married and have families of their own. Our life is full of laughter and lots of crazy goings-on. Keep checking in to hear about some of our adventures!