Read Across America Week (Dr. Seuss DIY Character Costumes)

Hey guys! We’re a little late posting about this but we were definitely not late celebrating! Who are we celebrating? Dr. Seuss, of course! Our school, as did many around the country, celebrated Dr. Seuss and his birthday (March 1st) during Read Across America week, last week. We had lots of fun dressing up for different days. Mom even got involved on the last day, more on that later.

Why do we celebrate Dr. Seuss? Well, unless you’ve been living in the woods without coming into civilization at all for the last 80-ish years, you probably know why. Dr. Seuss is the author and illustrator of some 60 beloved children’s books, which have encouraged a love of reading in children for generations. And The Jones Family especially LOVES all things Dr. Seuss.

Here’s a few of our get-ups for the week.

Wacky Wednesday! We basically just threw on every layer in a different color that we owned. And of course, mismatched shoes!

Hat Day Thursday! We may have argued a little over who got to wear the kitten hat.

Dr. Seuss Character Friday! This one is always our favorite, and Mom tries to come up with as many cheap or free DIY ideas as she can.

As we all know, a good Cindy Lou Who costume relies almost solely on the HAIR! For Peyton’s super-tall bun, I hid a mini soda bottle inside her pony tail. We had some reddish-pink ribbon, so, we tied a bow at the top. She chose to wear a little blush, and all pink clothes to complete her look.

Fox in Socks was a super easy one. I would have preferred it if we would have had an all red outfit of clothes but we did not. Red pants are apparently not even a thing in our house. We made it work with a Dollar Tree Cat-Ear headband, some folded red paper (re-purposed a Valentine’s gift bag) glued together and taped to the headband, and some toe socks on both hands and feet)!

Presenting, Cindy Lou Who and Fox in Socks!

Did we tell you that Mom got involved on the last day? This “Cat in the Hat” hat is a leftover from last year. Last year, for character day, Mom crocheted all of our costume pieces for the day. See that post here:

That hat must have been a lucky hat for Mom because on the day she wore it, she wound up with a NEW car! More on that here:

Thanks for everything, Dr. Seuss!

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