Talking Llamas and other nonsense (Dad’s Snapchat Adventures)

I have discovered Snapchat. I am now 54 years young and have become slightly obsessed with the Snapchat app with all the filters. I joined to be as up to date as I could be. I have three older daughters and two younger daughters. So, I don’t want to be considered out of touch with what they are experiencing in the tech revolution. I also need the stress relief with the laughter and amusement it gives me. In my profession I have very stressful days and need an outlet. So thank you, Snapchat. I have been sending a lot of snaps to people and I might be a little strong with my use of it. However, everyone seems to be indulging me for now. Laughter, especially at myself, has always been a way for me to release the tension.  Being silly with my wife and girls is a great way for me to forget about the rat race out there. As this is my first endeavor as a blogger with the help of Erin, it may be short and sweet until I get the hang of it. So thanks for reading and here are some samples of my Snapchat life.