Egg “Cups” (Recipe)

When Chuck is working on the weekends, the girls and I like to have brunch together. But I also like to keep it simple because when we are home on the weekends, and especially if the weather is bad (and it has been often, lately) this is when we catch up on housework. Having a mess to clean in the kitchen isn’t ideal when I want to focus on other rooms of the house.

Long before starting Keto, I discovered Egg “Cups,” and it’s one of those favorites that is totally Keto-friendly so I can continue having it now. This simple meal is great for when you’re wanting to make something you can eat on the go, or if you just want a quick breakfast at home.

Egg Cups, going in the oven!

The prep is super simple. Basically, you spray a muffin pan with cooking spray. Sometimes I will even add a strip of parchment to each reservoir in the pan. Then, line each cup of the pan with deli meat or lunch meat of your choice and fill the “cups” with eggs. I do this by cracking an egg directly into each cup of the muffin pan, using one whole egg for each. (No dishes other than the muffin pan!) Season and top each egg cup with cheese or other toppings and Bake @ 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. It gets no easier than this!

Since I cannot take credit for this little recipe in any way (thanking Pinterest for this one), I wanted to link you to the original one that I started with, from Dinner at the Zoo. However, keep in mind that this is a very basic recipe. These Egg Cups are super customize-able and the possibilities of toppings are almost endless. You can also use just about any deli meat you want, to line the cups. In my pictures here, I used deli-sliced Roast Beef because it’s what I had. They were delicious but I do prefer ham.

I usually make an entire pan, even when its just the 3 of us, and save the rest in an airtight container in the fridge for an easy breakfast we can warm up on another morning. It’s also easy to make these for a crowd.  These cook so fast, that I think it would be really fun to set up an “Egg Cup” bar with prepped ingredients! This way, overnight guests (or just Breakfast guests) can add in their own toppings before popping the entire pan in the oven. A few minutes having coffee with friends and breakfast is ready!

These would be great topped with tomatoes or with shredded spinach added in. You could also add in peppers and onions, and cooked, crumbled bacon or sausage before baking. I have even made these in the past with leftover steak, chopped into small pieces and provolone cheese!

Super simple Egg Cups, all done!

Let me know in the comments if you try these and what you think of them! Here’s the original recipe I began with:

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Thanks so much!