Radishes, a Keto replacement for potatoes? (Recipe)

Radishes. Those pretty, little, reddish-pink, round things you slice up and put in a salad. You know those? Well, who knew you can also cook them? (Maybe you knew, but I didn’t know) Are you thinking, why on earth would I want to cook a bitter-tasting radish? If you are, I’m so excited to tell you that once you cook them, that tangy, peppery taste is left behind and a sweet, new flavor that is really hard to compare to any other vegetable emerges.  I’m learning that these little guys are so versatile and can be used as a potato replacement for those of us living low-carb or keto lifestyles. I’m sure there’s so many other ways to cook them but I thought I’d share my way and favorite so far. Here’s some general nutritional info on radishes. (raw)

One cup (a little over 100 grams) of radishes, sliced, has about

  • 19 calories.
  • 4 g carbohydrates
  • 0.8 g protein
  • 0.1 g fat
  • 1.9 g fiber

So what else do we already know about radishes aside from them being Peter Rabbit’s favorite food? We know that they are a root vegetable, and that root vegetables are typically left out of a Ketogenic diet. I did not know how high they are in Vitamin C, which has oh-so-many health benefits including reducing high blood pressure. (I think most of us can use some of that!) They are also a good source of fiber which can be hard to come by on a Keto menu. They also have calcium and B vitamins, along with many other electrolytes. And we all know how important electrolytes are on Keto, especially in the early days when we may be depleted. For all these many benefits, I’ve decided to make radishes a regular part of MY Keto journey. Here’s how I prepare them.  

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Oven-Roasted Radishes

Servings: 2



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Wash radishes and remove the tops. Slice off the very tip-top and bottom end of the radishes and cut in half. In a baking dish, toss radishes with the melted butter, garlic, and salt and pepper or other seasonings of your choice.  Bake for 20 minutes or until soft. Voila! An easy side dish that makes very little mess in your kitchen. I like to dip mine in full-fat Ranch dressing.

This recipe as-is has approximately 134 calories per serving, 5.8g carbs, 11g fat, 1.4g protein.

**The nutritional facts mentioned in this article are approximate, and were based on the most accurate information I could find online and may vary. Always double-check your own ingredients.

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